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The Benefits of Embracing Your Freak Factor

 David has a doctorate in organizational leadership, as well as a graduate degree in psychology. He is the author of four books on leadership and discovering our strengths through our weaknesses.  READ MORE


Small Sustainable Changes With Sailboat Coach Terry Barkman

Today’s guest is Terry Barkman. Terry is a visionary, an entrepreneur, a coach, and a sailing captain.  READ MORE


How to be more charitable with


Charitables is an online platform that allows you to exchange money, goods or services to support charities and fundraisers.  READ MORE

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Become The Best Version of You!

Today’s guest is Dai Manuel. Dia is a lifestyle mentor.  Dai is also a speaker and author. On his website, he says "I’m here to help people live a happy healthy or more active lifestyle while developing richer deeper and more meaningful personal relationships with themselves and with their friend's families and communities." READ MORE HERE


The Power of Story

Special guest Winston Yeung is the Founding Architect of Voice Story. Winston says, " I now listen to people’s stories, feel their joy & pain and help them craft new stories which more truly reflect who they are and serve them." READ MORE HERE


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