You've done the interview and edited it. You post it. You share to your social media accounts and tell the guest it's live and... crickets. Hardly anyone listens. That's not going to cut it for you especially if you hope to help a lot of people and make some money from your podcast at the same time. 

We're making money podcasting and our most popular episode last year has over 42,000 listens and counting. We would love to chat with you about how you can do this too! 

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Let's chat! If you want to contact us, all we ask is that you are committed to helping and serving your listeners and that you are willing to invest in yourself and your podcast. 

If that's you, click on "FIND OUT MORE" and send us note. 

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Podcast/Video Consulting

Starting a podcast can seem daunting with all of the equipment needed, deciding what to call your show, lining up guests, making money, advertising,  editing audio, promoting your show, and on and on! I know it was overwhelming to me at first too. There's a lot to do if you are going to have a successful show and successful business at the same time.

That's where we come in.

Experience and Expertise

We have started several successful podcasts including Rapid Time Radio, The Jelly Marketing Podcast,, FuelRadio-Music and Real Marketing Real Fast (recently named one of the top 40 marketing podcasts by New Media Summit).

In each case we took a coach approach to find out what the podcast owner wanted to handle and then we did the rest. 

Real Marketing Real Fast

In the case of Real Marketing Real Fast, the podcast owner Doug Morneau is a marketing genius and wanted to use the show to expand his network with other marketing experts, so he hosts the show, books his guests and then handles all of the marketing. We provided coaching to help with the   initial setup, and to make sure the show made it on to as many podcast directories as possible.  We edit the audio and show notes (Doug gets every show transcribed), post them to the web and do a little promotion as well, but Doug is the exception not the rule...

You do what you do best and we'll do the rest...

Have you heard the saying "as a business owner you need to work on your business not in your business?" That's what we're here to help you do when it comes to podcasting and video interviews.


...A reminder dings on your phone. The reminder pops up and says "Podcast with Tim Ferris" You open up your computer, plug in your mic and put on your headphones. You hit the link in your calendar and wait for Tim to arrive. You hear a ding in your headphones. It's Tim. You do the interview. It's amazing! It automatically gets saved in the cloud. You type out a few instructions for me in an email and hit send.

48 hours later you look for your podcast in iTunes on your phone and voila! Your interview with Tim is posted. It sounds great! You look on your website and its posted there too complete with show notes and relevant links from the show. Tim has checked it out and loves it because I emailed him for you with an email template we created together.

You check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram YouTube and LinkedIn - it's there too and people are liking, sharing and commenting like mad.

AND, all you had to do was show up, do the interview (the funnest part of the process) and send me an email. 

Does it get any easier than that?

Who is this for?

This podcast/video interview service is for 

  • the busy business owner who is sold on the the idea of podcasting and/or video interviews, 
  • is okay with doing the interviews or being interviewed about their area of expertise
  • and wants someone else to simply take care of the rest. 

This service obviously isn't for everyone. There are plenty of people who would rather do it all themselves and don't have the budget to hire experts to help them.

If you think this service might be a fit for you and you have a budget to invest in a podcast and/or video interviews for your business, please contact us to discuss. We look forward to hearing from you.

Talk to you soon,

~ Rod and the Team at


One of our favorite guests on is Isabelle Mercier Turcotte the Brand Performance Catalyst at LeapZone Strategies and  Build To Rock™

Build To Rock™ is an eight module business system for solo-preneurs and small business owners like you; designed to help you elevate the value you provide and create a waiting list of clients who want to work with you - regardless of price. 

Watch Isabelle's video and if you are ready for your business and your brand to rock, CLICK HERE