Everyone's Super Power

 We all have the power to be present and it is such a gift to others when we practice this. In this video I talk about a couple of times where I have experienced the power of someone else’s presence. I’d like to invite you to compassionately gift this gift away to someone today! 


Several times yesterday the topic of identity came up in several different ways.   On my walk this morning this all came to mind...  Your value and your worth is not determined by the title on your business card, who you THINK you are, or people’s opinions about you. How you define your identity is critical and it’s NOT determined by what you do.  What I want to do here is to simply invite you to make part of your daily prayer and meditation practice — JUST BEING. 

GOD IN DISGUISE with Trudy Taylor Smith

Previous to writing God in Disguise, Trudy and her husband, Andy, spent two and a half years in north Indian slums with Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor, an international network of Christian communities living and working in the slums of Asia and the West. They currently live in Vancouver, BC, where Trudy works as a legal assistant at Community Legal Assistance Society and the BC Human Rights Clinic.  See http://www.trudydsmith.com 



Our guest Jenny Konkin is the President & Co-Founder of Whole Way House.  In this episode we discuss…

> How The I Get To Legacy Project got its start

> How The I Get To Legacy Project helps the homeless and provides a little income and activity for people who are a part of the project’s beneficiary Whole Way House

> How the I Get To message is changing and affecting lives

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