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By on April 23, 2015

Meet Janice Croze

Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for and owner of Janice Croze Photography, and has been working online since 2003, creating and running a variety of web properties with her business partner and twin sister, Susan Carraretto.

In 2006, Janice and Susan created 5 Minutes for and it quickly became an essential, go-to site for moms that entertains and informs, while promoting the online mom community. Throughout the years, Janice and Susan have been respected as pioneers in the blogging community and 5 Minutes for Mom has consistently been recognized as a top mom blog, even being listed by The Wall Street Journal as the 2nd top parenting blog.

Janice and Susan regularly work with major brands such as Disney and Microsoft, and serve as spokespersons for companies such as SC Johnson, Olive Garden, and Tylenol.

When she isn’t creating content for 5 Minutes for Mom, or speaking and writing about blogging and social media, you can find her photographing clients in her studio in South Surrey or on location throughout the Greater Vancouver Area.

Janice will be speaking at the Blog Mastery Conference

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Janice has a 13 year old son and she has a 7 1/2 year old daughter (pictured above).

In this interview you will learn:

  • How 5 Minutes for Mom started.
  • What Janice does for fun!
  • What her main goal was when she started to blog.
  • How Janice has been able to help other women and create income for them.
  • How Social media affected long time bloggers.
  • How Janice resisted Social Media at first.
  • Janice talks about how it was therapeutic to write and to blog.
  • What Janice does to stay inspired.
  • Advice for new bloggers.


“Social Media allows the new blogger equal opportunity” – Janice Croze

“I write for strangers now.” – Janice Croze

“Keep being adaptable. Today – be purposeful with what you are doing. Create a plan.  What kind of blog do you want? Do you want to earn an income, or just write, build your brand, and jump off into something else?” – Janice Croze

“Every night I go to bed and leave money on the table because as a busy mom I just don’t have time to do everything I want to do.” – Janice Croze

Links and resources mentioned in the episode:

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