How Fuel Radio helped this author sell 75 books online

By on December 7, 2014

Lying Dormant

At the beginning of September 2014 Fuel Radio had been lying dormant for a while. To make matters worse, we were hoping to re-open the website and just as we were about to re-launch we got badly infected with some malware. It was so bad we took the site down and started completely from scratch. When you take all of this into account, when we posted Jim Janz’s Fuel Radio interviews in October 2014 it was like Fuel Radio was a brand new website and we were virtually getting no traffic at all. Not necessarily the best place to increase your book sales!

The First Interviews

Network Marketing Legend Jim Janz was nice enough to help us get restarted (he is my Dad after all) by doing an interview and investing in our Fuel Radio Featured Business Profile Interview with Ad Package to promote his best selling book “A Rendezvous With Destiny.”

On October 29th we posted our first interview since relaunching the website entitled “Discover Your Destiny with Network Marketing Legend Jim Janz” On November 4th we posted the second half of the interview entitled “What does Jim Janz have to say about making a living, making a difference, and staying healthy?” 

We did the following for Jim: 

  • Conducted a two part interview.
  • Professionally edited the audio and added a professional introduction and close
  • Posted interviews to the Fuel Radio website
  • Did multiple posts to Fuel Radio’s social media accounts – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Posted to Soundcloud for additional exposure.
  • Advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Google

Here are the results

  • Facebook Ads had a reach of 7666, 20 Likes, 18 clicks to the interviews on Fuel Radio
  • Soundcloud listens – 88
  • Page views (mostly as a result of Google Adwords) 2068. By the way, for the amount we spent on the various advertising platforms, Google Adwords was the advertising winner when it came to creating actual traffic for Jim’s interview and blog post on Fuel Radio.
  • Twitter Ad – 1920 impressions, 78 Engagements
  • Last but not least – 75 book sales in 30 days.

What Are You Thinking???

I know 75 book sales is not a lot, but I just wanted to show that the Fuel Radio Interview and Ad Package works. I know from experience that the best results with Google Adwords happen when you spend at least $1000, or more. When I worked for a Marketing agency I had one client that did just that: they spent $1000 a month on Google Adwords. The result? They made $10,000 a month from their website. The portion of Jim’s total campaign that we spent on Google Adwords was $200 to see if we could get any results and sales at all. We did, and we think we proved that the model works.


“Rod. The response from the interview was amazing. The book has already sold tens of thousands of copies, so it is even more outstanding that we sold at least another 75 books right out of the chute from the Fuel Radio interview. more have been sold since.” ~ Jim Janz

A Good Control Situation

It was a good control situation. Jim has a website for his book that was getting very little traffic and he was not doing any other online promotions for his book at the time. Plus, Jim told us that his Amazon book sales had totally dried up during the summer. To say the least he was pleased with the results.

Taking Credit Where Credit Is Due

Now we can’t claim that the sales results were totally due to Fuel Radio’s efforts, nor can we promise these kind of sales results to others. We will however take some of the credit. The posting of Jim’s interviews, the advertising and social media efforts made  by Fuel Radio had a definite impact on sales. If it was a brand new book and not on the market for a year and a half, we believe sales would have been much higher.

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