Finding A Path Forward: A Coaching Success Story

By on July 16, 2016


Even though Simalex – a good old fashioned die casting company – had decent cash flow and customers with brand names, the company had been mismanaged for a number of years and was in rough shape when Fred Lynn Jr. took over as CEO.  Fred was essentially taking over a start up.

Fred is extremely capable and bright. When he took over he rolled up his sleeves and got involved in every area of the business, including sales. Eventually, Fred hit a wall leaving him with no time for himself or family. He noticed that some of the business owners that he knew had hired a business coach. Desperate for change Fred did an internet search, interviewed several potential business coaches and hired John Nieuwenburg to try and find a new path forward.

I need lots of help

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Would you like to hear both uncut interviews with Fred and John? Let me know. Some juicy, helpful stuff.




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