Hi! My name is Rod Janz and I invite you to participate in the FUEL RADIO transformational life journey.

On FUELRADIO.COM we tell stories about transformations that take place with the help of a mentor, adviser, coach, consultant or director. We let the world know that with a little bit of desire and input from the right people, it is possible to live a better life!

My Dad and I started FUELRADIO.COM in 2009.

My Story

I work at Mission Possible in Vancouver, BC where I am the full-time Manager of Development and Communications. I oversee the day to day Marketing and Communications as well as Fundraising and Events.

I am also the host and co-producer of the Jelly Marketing Podcast. On the Jelly marketing podcast we talk with representatives from some of the world’s leading brands about all things marketing.

Prior to working at Mission Possible I worked in Real Estate (2007-2012), Marketing Sales and Project Management (2010-current), and Janz and Associates (1991-2006).